It’s Already Been A Year… Time Flies!

So, it’s official. As of December 13th, we’ve been here a full year. Crazy how time just flies by the way it does. A lot has to do with all the fun and exciting things we’ve been up to since we touched down in Iwakuni. Of course, this time last year we were still living in the on-base temporary living facility (military hotel) and had a paper Christmas tree taped to a wall. This year, we were able to get our hands on a real tree and everyone pulled together to get her all decorated up nicely.


Something else cool is Rudy’s yochien had a Christmas concert at the airport in town. If you haven’t checked out some of the videos that Mo posted to her Facebook, you should go and check them out. Here’s some shots of Rudy and his class during the concert. What a cute group of kids.


Of course, I missed it, I was up at Go! Go! Field motivating my fellow marketers to run in a 4-hour endurance race. Team Marketing! Ganbarimasho!


Just like last year, we made our way up to Hiroshima for their Winter Illuminations. Last year we went after Christmas, this year we were able to get up there in time to celebrate the holiday season a bit. Everyone had a pretty awesome time. But we may have kept this kids out a bit late.


The Japanese really know how to light shit up when it comes to Christmas. This past weekend, we crammed the kids in the Mukade Maru and headed up to the annual Flower and Light Pageant illuminations at the Hiroshima City Botanical Gardens. We got there early so we could play in the park with the kids and have some food before they hit the switches on the park.


They also had this killer greenhouse with venus flytraps, exotic flowers and a prehistoric tree.


The park was something else after the sun went down and the lights came on. Rudy was so cute, too. He was walking up to all the Japanese kids and asking them if they’d play tag with him (in Japanese, of course). He was easy to spot with his light-up shoes.


It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. Here’s to four more years! Thank you again to everyone who follows our adventures and thank you to all the family and friends we chat with back home. I’m glad we can all stay connected. And now, some cute pics of the kids:


2 thoughts on “It’s Already Been A Year… Time Flies!

  1. Oh Aaron, what a great adventure. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have these posts. And our facetime was great last week. It took us a while (I am so challenge sometimes when it comes to that sort of thing) but with your patience – we managed. Kip loved it. Hope your Christmas is so fun and I can’t wait for your next post. Love you lots, MoM


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