Our First Friendsgiving in Japan, Robot Park and Meatfest Redux

Konnichiwa and gobble-gobble from the land of the rising sun. We had some friends over for Thanksgiving this year. Our gathering was a multi pronged attack on food, fun and a birthday celebration. I’ll describe the food and birthday stuff to you because for some reason we had a room full of smart devices and the only thing anyone thought would be a good idea to document was the Malort shots. I’ll have another!

We had a delish pumpkin dip dish from Scottie and Pierce. The best way to describe it would be if Jesus were a pumpkin, he would turn water into this dip and the world would be never wanting. Stanley brought a magnum of sake that came highly recommended from Sus, who brought gifts for the kiddos and a sweet desert cake. Ron and his son Micah showed up with shredded carrots with balsamic vinegar and almonds and a rather scrumptious corn dish (and spinach dip). It was also Micah’s 5th birthday, so there was a cake and merriment and the old standard, Happy Birthday.

Mo was in full food service mode, baking a ham basted in a spicy cuban mustard, carrots, smashed potatoes, crescent rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, finger foods and probably a bevy of other things I’m forgetting. My contribution was getting warm bodies in the room and picking up the turkey from Club Iwakuni. Japan is not known for their large ovens, so Club Iwakuni on base has turkeys to order. Sweet, right? The bird tasted good. All the food was amazing, and the company was great. Thank you everyone for a memorable Thanks/Friendsgiving.

And then… Malort. The product of a gypsy curse. A taste so jarring to the tastebuds you’d think there was chemical warfare going off in your mouth. A drink so ridiculously putrid it gives bad taste a bad taste in its mouth. We all drank an entire bottle. Thank you to Mo’s brother for smuggling it into the country. We won’t talk about how it got here… wink.

The next day Rudy and EB were off from school, so we ventured up to Otake and hung out at the Robot Park (as Rudy likes to call it). EB was a bit sleepy but by the time we go there she woke up and the kiddos spent three hours running around and burning off steam. I’d like to take a moment to let my friends and family back home in Chicago and Upstate New York to know that its sunny and usually 60 here during the daytime. Sending warm thoughts your way. Kissy face emoji.

Yesterday we had went to the Shuto Meat Fair. All joking aside about the weather. It will eventually get down near freezing here, so we’re doing as much as we can to enjoy the great weather whilst it sticks around. There was a redonkulous amount of food vendors at the meat fair. We had some pork and chicken on a stick, yummy soba, some rice cake that tasted like it was wrapped in some kind of meat or something (best description ever), and fried chicken that a drunk vendor tried to pass off as fried carp. There was some live J Pop and a half cow on a spit. They also had a market there and were selling $20 steaks. I’m telling you, there’s some seriously tasty beef here in Japan. Some of the best I’ve ever tasted. I gotta find a place somewhere that cuts a 16 oz. ribeye, though.

Well, we hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, or however you celebrated. I’m thankful to have the friends and family that I do have both here and back home. Thank you again to everyone keeping up with our Journey. December 13 will be a year for us living here in Japan. Time flies. では、またね.

One thought on “Our First Friendsgiving in Japan, Robot Park and Meatfest Redux

  1. Your celebration looked awesome! I would love to do something different. The pictures of the meat fest looked so yummy! I can’t wait to see what is instore for us when we get to Japan. It’s getting closer and closer 🙂 Love you guys, MoM


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