Mikawa Summer Festival and the Studio Ghibli Exhibit in Hiroshima

Saturday was a pretty awesome time. We went up into the mountains snaking along the Nishiki River up to the Mikawa Mu Valley. We didn’t do the underground kingdom, not yet, nope we were there for the Mikawa Summer Festival. First of all, any time we head west into the mountains, I just lose myself in the tranquil beauty that is Japan. The steep mountain cliffs covered in lush green jungle follow along each side of crystal clear river water as it cuts its way further up into the grand beauty of the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Alright, there’s your bit of poetic romanticism for the day. At the Mikawa Summer Festival its pretty much a Japanese fish fry. The best part is you catch the fish yourself in a shallow bedrock portion of the river where there are schools of scared shitless Japanese Cherry Salmon, or Amago, hiding under rocks and in holes from screaming kids and excited dads. Think noodling, Japan-style.

Rudy and I were able to grab three fish. Honestly, I could’ve done it all day. It was a lot of fun. After we caught the fish, festival workers skewered them for us, covered them in salt and we grilled them near the riverside.

Afterward we found ourselves a quiet spot on the opposite side of all the fun and tasted the fruits of our labor. This is how it really went down: Rudy wanted to give the fish back to their mommies in the river (something I tell him we have to do every time we catch crabs in the river), Mo and I had a couple of bites and EB devoured most of all three fish. The kid is a bottomless pit. You gotta eat to grow, right? Right. Rudy explored the river, we finished our fish and headed out to the Chicken Shack for some actual food and a couple of beers.

It was the kids first time and as always, they find ways to enjoy themselves wherever we go. I really enjoy the food at the Chicken Shack. And the beers are pretty tall and cold. There are still the Tanabata decorations up, so the place is still quite flash.

Afterward we got the kiddos home and in bed. Another great Saturday in the books and our eyes focused sharply on the horizon ready for what Sunday had to bear.

Sunday, we hopped the JR north to Hiroshima to see the Studio Ghibli exhibit at the Hiroshima Prefecture Art Museum. We’ve run into a few Ghibli icons on our travels so far, most notably when we ran into Our Neighbor Totoro and the Cat Bus on our first beach trip. Totoro is awesome, Rudy really loves Ponyo and EB loves anything she can hug. Kawaii!

Anywho, we weren’t supposed to snap any pics in the exhibit minus at the cat bus, but Mo managed some guerrilla photography whilst we were in there. Don’t tell anyone… It was really cool to walk through the creative world of Studio Ghibli. I still have a bunch of their movies to watch. I’m something of a virgin in that respect. I found this pretty cool site that showcases the mastery of Ghibli.

Alright, great weekend. We had a lot of fun, wowed and wore out the kiddos and added a few more interesting memories to our family story. Thank you all again for following. Here’s a couple of cute pics of the kids and a neat kids bathroom we saw at a mall in Hiroshima.


One thought on “Mikawa Summer Festival and the Studio Ghibli Exhibit in Hiroshima

  1. Aaron and family! What a wonderful experience. The kids sure are growing. I love Rudy’s method for looking for the fishes. He needs a snorkel set up. EB is getting so tall. We can’t wait to visit and spend some great time with the Japan cultural experts!!! Love you guys, MoM


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