Low Key Weekend


EB woke up in an industrious mood. It’s always nice when the kiddos are in good spirits, especially when there is rain on the horizon.

We braved the downpour on Saturday and grabbed the train headed for Hiroshima to check out the Alpark Mall. It’s actually about halfway between Miyajima and Hiroshima. We’re not big mall people, but Alpark has a plethora of food options and an indoor play area that the wee ones can run around in.

Before hitting the mall, though, we stopped in for some shabu shabu. This place was pretty good. Meat in a boiling pot and all you can drink beerskis. On top of that there was an all you can eat ice cream bar, too. EB was digging it.

After we had food, we walked through a handful of stores and eventually found ourselves in the indoor kids park. We did one before up in Hiroshima when we first got here and were blown away by how cool it was, but this one was bigger. There were jungle gyms, ball pits, a movie screen, inflatable slides… too much to list. Needless to say, the kids had fun and Mo-san and I were happy to give them something to do besides drive us crazy. The boy was definitely enjoying himself because it was hard to pin him down for any photos.

I will say EB had a blast this time around and she’s definitely getting more mobile.

And here’s some hilarity for you guys:

After all the play, we had some more food, rode back to Iwakuni and put the kids down to bed. Success!

Sunday was even more low-key. Rudy helped me put down some weed barrier under our pavers in the yard. He was Mr. Environmental making sure no wildlife was affected by our construction efforts. Gotta hand it to him, he’s a well-rounded kid.


After that, we went on base and watched The Incredibles 2, came home, grilled some ribs and called it a weekend. Like I said, low key.

Monday was Rudy’s first day at the Kawashimo Yochien. Yochien is Japanese kindergarten. He was very excited and did pretty good on his first day. Can’t believe how fast these two are growing.


Aight, here’s a cute shot of EB waking up. She’s usually two-fisted on the pacifiers. Kawaii!


Thanks for following! More adventures coming!


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