Hakuna Yukata and a Splash of Iris Viewing

We went to the Toukasan Yukata Festival in Hiroshima the first weekend of June. Talk about exciting. The streets were packed and the people everywhere were decked out in their traditional summer wear, called the yukata or jinbei.

On top of the traditional dress, there were tons of vendors with everything from grilled meat to deep fried hard-boiled eggs on a stick. The Japanese equivalent to the scotch egg. I could live off ‘em.

We went to this multi-level store called Don Quixote where Rudy and I scored our yukatas for the day. Honestly, this store is so incredible, I almost didn’t want to leave. It’s like a Daiso on steroids. Anywho, it was back out to the street to take in the crowds, hang at the park, eat food, and of course drink a few beerskis.

Apparently, it’s a thing to dress your pets up in their yukatas as well. I’m not sue if it is a Hiroshima thing, but they were borderline celebrities when they showed up at one of the parks we were hanging out at.

The yukata is pretty damn comfortable. I have no problem rocking it when the weather is hot n spicy. Rudy wears the hell out of his almost all the time and EB looks downright kawaii in hers. Now we just gotta get one for Mo-san.

Last Saturday the weather was sunny and spectacular. We headed out to the Kintai-kyo Bridge Iris Festival that was in the Kikko Iris and Shiroyama Iris gardens. On the way there, we saw this:


Totally safe, right?

When we got to the gardens, though there was no shortage of beautiful Irises and Hydrangeas (of which Rudy likes to say the former, they’re everywhere right now).

I think the coolest part were all the families in the garden with the boardwalk painting Irises. It was pretty cool to see everyone with their picnic set ups and their painting gear.

The part that Rudy liked the most was swimming in the huge fountain.

We finished the day hanging out by the river while Rudy made friends with two boys from Hiroshima who were down for the day. The spent the better part of the late afternoon catching fish and playing with water guns.

There is no shortage of charm here in Japan. I think we’re all really loving what there is to offer here. Mo and Rudy are grasping the Japanese language quite well. EB is getting to the point where she yells and makes monkey noises to get what she wants and she’s pretty close to full-time walking. I’m slowly picking up the language, but I’m pretty sure Mo n the kids will leave me in the dust on that one. I’ll get there tho.

Anywho, thanks for reading and sharing in our adventures. And, we bought a bitchin van!


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