Groundhog Day, Not Groundhog Day… Not Sayin, Just Sayin.

Has been quite a stretch between posts. Honestly, there’s so much to do here and we’re not sitting still much. Sometimes it’s because there’s awesome parts of Japanese culture to learn but mostly because we can’t sit idle with the kids, they’ll go crazy (interpret, they’ll drive us crazy).

But anywho, ya’ll didn’t come here for excuses, you came for pictures and stories. Here goes:

I turned 40 on April 20th. I got some sweet t-shirts, a pretty slick rain coat, some cool books, and tickets to the Hiroshima Carp vs. Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks baseball game. Good times. It was a pretty good time, I’m always hearing great things about Japanese baseball. Rudy really digs the Carp, and he dressed up like Carp Vader.

So we made it back to Hiroshima; shocker, right? I think with our radius due to public trans and bikes we’re kinda limited to what we can get to. But it’s awesome nonetheless because wherever we go, there’s always something cool going on. This weekend in Hiroshima was no different. We went to the Meat Festival. Yep, it was tasty, too. There was tons of meat, the weather was great, there was lots to do with the kids, and there was beer from Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and even Japanese beer. Twas a tasty good time.

Back at the homestead, Rudy and I put together a deck-in-a-box. It was fun working with the Rude Dude and he’s pretty handy with a screw gun, too. He was eager to help and I’m always happy to have a helping hand when needed. At the end of April, there’s usually an entire week off Japanese holiday called Golden Week. The kids usually get off from school. Mo took the kids to the beach on Yashiro Island south of Iwakuni. Rudy spent the better part of the day trolling around looking for critters. He found a blobber (Jelly Fish).

Something else that falls on Golden Week is Friendship Day. Its held on our Air Station every year and usually brings in around 250,000 people from all over the country as well as visitors from Europe and Australia. It’s a joint air show with the US Military and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and also showcases civilian aircraft, too. This is our first Friendship Day. The wife n kids enjoyed it, I had to work. No rest for the wicked. It was a good time, though. Lotsa cool aircraft, fast cars, and the Golden Knights were there, too. Airborne Airborne All The Way! Airborne Airborne Every Day!

Anywho, we got away from the base the next weekend even though it was raining like a bastard. Mother Nature can’t slow us down. I mean, unless it’s an earthquake or a tsunami or something. We went to Miyajima again and this time we went to the Miyajima Public Aquarium. There were a metric buttload of super rad fish, a whole set up about oyster farming, and EB made a friend who was drawing mermaids (ningyo). Cuuuuuuuute!


So, we went back to the Kintai Bridge and took a tour with the Japanese American Society. We learned a bit about the Samurai who lived around the bridge back in the 17th century and got to see the White Snake museum. Not that White Snake… the albino Japanese snake that is a protected species in this country. That afternoon, Rudy rode his bike for the first time without training wheels. He was super excited and I couldn’t be more proud.


The next morning was Mother’s Day and Rudy woke up with a nice surprise for mommy. A swollen head. Apparently he got into a bush or something when we were at the Kintai Castle and he had an interesting reaction. All is well now and the swelling went down within two days. He’s back to his regular cute self. And he’s still a ham.

And here’s a couple of pics of EB being cute…

Last weekend we did the Spring Bazaar on base where we got some fun Japanese trinkets and this seriously sinister Oni Mask. We also went to the Rose Festival at Hachigimane Park. We fed the bunnies, rode the roller slide and the ferris wheel, enjoyed some J-Pop, saw some dino statues, rode the train, and saw roses. The weather was awesome! The bunnies were cute! The J-Pop, cuter. And the roses, all shapes, sizes, colors, and smells.

Alright, kiddies. Time for bed. Thanks again for following.

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