The Bikes Have Arrived! The Pylinski’s Are Mobile! We’re Getting New Digs… My Goodness So Much!

Many apologies for the long over due update. As you can guess by the title there have been some significant improvements to our current mobility capabilities and living arrangements.

IMG_E1409The cargo bike came! Mo’s bike came! Rudy’s bike came! And he seriously cannot stay off it. My Boss Midnite came and I found a super rad folding bike in the trash, it’s perfect for kicking around the base. One man’s trash is another’s super kick ass ride! Huzzah! It didn’t take long to put them together and tuned up and now we’ve been cruising around effortlessly and in style. Iwakuni is great for riding.

Now that we’re more mobile our reach is greater and we’re finding new ways to explore. We packed up the kids and headed to Bee Gauming General Park (which I think is also called Hachigamine Park). The trip up was no joke. It’s about 4-6 miles from the base and the last mile is damn-near straight up. We got as far as we could with the bikes (walking most of it) and then chained them to a fence, grabbed the youngsters and trod up the last mile-ish. But the payoff was a really killer park.

How do I even begin to describe this park? First of all it’s not easy to get to unless you have a car. So by our means once we summited the park, the payoff was grand. Incredible sights of nearby mountain tops, the inland sea and loads of fun things for the kids to do. Playground, slides, petting zoo, obstacle course; and that was all the stuff we only had time to see. I know there’s big dinosaurs around, a ferris wheel on a hilltop and a train that takes you through the park, too.

There was this super cool roller slide, also. Rudy was all about it. Here’s a short movie of some of our bike travels thus far and a decent glimpse into the park:

So, yeah… we’ve been doing some fun stuff. We toured around the base flight line yesterday and saw some of the aerial hardware MCAS Iwakuni has to offer. Rudy was impressed. I think he wants to be a fighter pilot now, although he says TIE Fighter, we all know what he means.

Of course we also got a bevy of Christmas gifts from Papaw, Grammy Ann, Auntie Jen and Addy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kids really enjoyed opening their presents. Thank you all so very much! There’s still so much to do and I feel like we’ve been packing in the weekends with so much exploring. Great times, for sure.

Some other updates: Rudy and EB finished their first full week at their Japanese school, Funky MoMo, EB has two teeth coming in on the bottom front – she’s cute when she smiles now, it’s almost like she’s showing them off, we move into our Japanese home on the 24th of this month, and I start my new job tomorrow! Yay gainful employment! I get to put my Multimedia Journalism degree to use by writing for the base magazine and also maintaining the Marketing Department’s social media (among a handful of other things I’m sure).

Alright, I think that’s good for now. Plenty more to come. When we start moving in, I’ll send some pics of the house and all that groovy stuff. Thank you again for following along in our adventures. There’s so much more to come so please hang in there. Spring is around the corner and I have a feeling this place is going to explode with cherry blossoms.

Here’s some pics that were in the video, but I feel didn’t get much play. Enjoy:



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