Sayonara Chicago, Konichiwa Iwakuni


So we left the Windy City for the Land of the Rising Sun on December 13th. What a trip. There was no shortage of drama (and luggage) between the dog kennel being too small and racing from gate-to-gate to get to our connecting flights on time the trip went fast.


Once we got in the air, though things were fairly smooth. Both kids did great on the flight over and the dog managed to get there with us, too. Even though he was on an earlier flight to San Fran from Chicago. As the itinerary went, we flew from Chicago to San Francisco, San Fran to Tokyo and Tokyo to Iwakuni. The airfield at MCAS Iwakuni is also the local runway for commercial flights. Tiiiiiight!

Rudy was quite the jet-setter cruising each terminal with his robot bag in tow. Of course, by the time we hit Tokyo, he was pooped. He held up pretty good the whole way and got himself acclimated to the time difference pretty good.


He did manage to make a pretty cool fort in the living room of the temporary quarters we’re staying in. It’s gone through a few iterations, but up until a few days ago he was pretty adamant about sleeping in it through the night.

EB’s been doing great, too! She’s a cute lil coconut and has been getting tons of attention from the Japanese ladies off base. And of course tons of compliments on how relaxed she is. EB is a super chill baby.


The base is nice. Almost everything here is brand new minus the building that Mo will be working in (which is where the attack on Pearl Harbor was planned back before WWII kicked off) and an old hangar that has a mock up of a Zero that was used on said bombing back in 1941… a date which will live in infamy… Anywho, all cool stuff. It’ll be great to get around and know every intimate detail of this base seeing how it will be quite literally akin to living in a fish bowl.

We did manage to head off base a few times already to get a taste of the local population, do some house hunting and check out a few tourist spots. We’ve got a couple of places that we really like and I can’t wait to move off base and get immersed in the local populace.


We got down to the Kintai Bridge on Wednesday and see the last stronghold of Samurai in Japan. What a beautiful place, surrounded by Cherry Blossom trees and beautiful mountains. It will be awesome to come back in the spring to see everything in full bloom.

Thank you to everyone who will follow. Now that we’re here and starting to settle in I’ll have a more frequent and regulated posting to keep everyone up to date.



2 thoughts on “Sayonara Chicago, Konichiwa Iwakuni

  1. UICEngQ

    Darn right I’m commenting on this awesome blog. I plan on commenting often. Mo & Aaron, congrats on EB (Elizabeth ???), and congrats on the move. Your kids are already having the most interesting life. If UIC could see you now…


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